Monday 10 June 2013

LLTW - June

Today was the June meeting for the Lowestoft Library Teen Writers writing group.  Numbers were low again, but I'm putting that down to exams.  So we were just two strong (plus me); one 'oldie' and one new person.  She contacted me via an advert about the group I'd put up on Streetlife, so I guess it pays to put yourself out there.  I'd just like a few more so that we can be called a group and not a duo!

Anyway, homework from last session was to write something from your pet's perspective.

Hey, hey, hello, hellooooooo?!  Wake up.  I'm awake, you need to be awake too.  Come on.  If you don't get up now I'm going to get you up.  No?  Ok, you asked for it.  One, two, three, and stretch, and push.  Have you put on weight?  Don't you dare roll over.  Well this calls for drastic measures.  Your head looks lovely and comfortable.  I think I'll just sit there until you decide to move.  Don't mind me.  I've got all day.  Oi.  No need to be like that.  There you go, that wasn't too difficult now was it?  I'll let you get dressed, but don't take too long about it.  I'll be waiting by the front door when you're ready.
Hello?  Come on.  I know I said I had all day, but if you take any longer you'll end up with a puddle right here where I'm sitting, and you know how much you hate indoor puddles.  There you go.  Don't forget the poo bags.  Wow it's cold.  How about we stay inside for a bit, just until it warms up?  No?  Alright then.  Off we go.  Hello!  Hello!  Where is everyone?  Wake up, it's me, Lily.  Hello!  What's that smell?  Hang on.  Wait a minute.  It's that wall.  I said wait.  *sniff sniff*  Hmm, it smells familiar but I don't know who it is.  Hmm never mind, I'll just cover it up with my smell.  Ah, that's better.  Ok, I'm done.  Let's go.  Where are we going?  Down to the beach?  Really?  Aw, I love the beach.  It's this way, come on.  Come.  On.  We're nearly there.  Let's have a race.  I bet you I get there before you.  I'm going to win.  Ha ha.  I knew it.  Unclip that lead from my collar.  That's better.  Freedom!  What have you got there?  What's that?  A stone?  Can I have it?  No?  Why did you throw it away?  I'll go and get it for you.  Found it!  What have you got there?  What's that?  A stone?  Can I have it?  No?  Why did you throw it away?  I'll go and get it for you.


In the session I thought it would be a good idea to introduce some various poetic forms.  I used to love writing poetry, but I haven't properly written any in a while.

Abecedarian - a poem/story consisting of 26 words, with each word beginning with a different letter of the alphabet.  There is a little 'cheat' here, where the X word can begin with X or it can be an 'eX' word (such as 'eXpress' or 'eXcited').

A boy called Derek entered fashion groups, hollering, "I just know liposuction makes necks oblong, perhaps quite rectangular.  Square torsos, undoubtedly vex women, except young zoners.

Cinquain - a five line poem following a set pattern - 
line 1 = 1 word (noun/subject)
line 2 = 2 words (adjectives relating to line 1)
line 3 = 3 words (action/-ing verbs relating to line 1)
line 4 = 4 word sentence (feelings relating to line 1)
line 5 = 1 word synonym (of the word used in line 1)
fluffy, fuzzy
barking, sleeping, eating
welcomed heart-warming cuddles

Limerick - a five line poem (usually funny) with an aabba rhyme scheme.

There once was a woman called Becka
Who stole a London red double decker
She drove through the wall
Of the central town hall
And became known as the building bus wrecker

Etheree - a ten line poem, where each line contains the same amount of syllables as the number of the line.

it flies
it stands still
it floats around
yet gets trapped by man
behind small glass windows
on wrists and on walls in rooms
where no-one goes and no-one cares
but people chase it and they want more
they should just enjoy it while they have it


Our next meeting will be on Monday 8th July, 5-6pm, in Lowestoft Library cafe.  Our homework is to write a review of something (a book, song, film, place).


  1. I love the pieces from a pets point of view. It makes me want to write one for my pets! The other ideas are really good too :)

    1. Thank you. And yes, give your pet a voice. I always imagine what my dog is trying to say to me! I bet I'm wrong though :/

  2. If I was a teen and lived in your area I would love to join your club. Sadly I am neither lol.
    I loved your piece from your dogs point of view, very fun and enjoyable. As well as your poems. Poetry as never been my strong point, I much prefer creative writing in the form of fiction novels when it comes to the actual writing, but I do enjoy reading them. Going back to your group I am sure there are lots of people out there who would love to be a part of it, if they were aware of it. Just be patient and see what happens. I know I would love to join in with something like that in my own area.
    love and hugs Joss xx

    1. Aw, thank you. I go through phases of writing poetry then prose then poetry again. I will get on and do some more advertising to draw in the crowds!