About Me

Hello, I'm Rebeccah, from sunny Lowestoft, on the east coast.  I write.  This is my little blog dedicated to my world of writing.  I don't do as much writing as I should.  Mainly because of procrastination getting in the way all the time.  But once I've beaten that evil into submission, I write.  And I love it.  You can read about my approach to writing here.

I've always written, but never found much confidence in myself as a writer until I went to university.  I did a degree in English Language and Literature at University of Essex, and took a creative writing module in my 3rd year; Hearing and Writing Lyrics and Poems.  It was then that I found out I really could write, and I could write well.  It made me realise that all I wanted to do was write, so after taking a year off to make some money, I went back to university and studied M.A. Literature: Creative Writing.

I loved it.  I can't say much more than that.  I found a whole new world of writing that I'd never been exposed to.  I fell in love with Oulipo and haven't looked back.  Oulipo is a way of creating unusual and fantastic pieces of writing by applying constraints which limit your freedom of language, but it's really, really fun!  My favourite constraints are the lipogram and the univocalic.

I write pretty much anything; whatever takes my fancy, but I will always go back to the Oulipo for inspiration.

I like to keep my finger in as many creative pies as possible.  I attend Lowestoft Library Writers' Group and I run Lowestoft Library Teen Writing Group.  I also do spoken word performances at New Words, Fresh Voices at The Seagull Theatre in Lowestoft.  Here I am, mid-performance!  I take it very seriously ...

I also dabble at various arty type things.  I am a member of Lowestoft Arts Centre, and have had my artwork exhibited there, as well as at The Ferini Art Gallery in Pakefield, and Halesworth Gallery.  One of my exhibited pieces can be seen here.

I promise, that's mine, right there in the middle of the window display.

Here it is in big if you can't see it!

My pieces of artwork don't have deep meanings, nor are they metaphors for the breakdown of society or politics or human struggle.  They are colourful (I like colourful things) and I enjoy making them (I like enjoying making things) and that is all.  My current interest is gluing wax crayons on canvas and melting them with a heat gun.  I also do a bit of photography every now and then.  Some examples of what I do can be found here.

I should probably say that my dad, Anthony Giltrow, is an artist.  A very good artist.  But this blog is about me, so I'll won't give him any more publicity!

Apart from writing and arting, I like baking.  I don't do much with my baking apart from baking the things and then eating them (if I get the chance - my dad is not only a very good artist, he's a very good cake-eater).

A few other things I like are...
  • knitting
  • rainbows
  • lists
  • exploring
  • people watching
  • synchronised swimming
  • interrobangs
  • Channel 4 comedy
  • the 80s
  • my dog, Lily
Aren't we adorable?!

So that's just a little bit about me.  If you would like to contact me about anything (and I mean anything; I'm always happy to chat, and I quite like getting messages), you can find my details here.


  1. Hi Rebeccah, Thanks for visiting. I'm looking forward to the challenge!

  2. Hello there, yes, indeed you two are adorable! Ta for the visit to my blog, Rebeccah.