Monday 27 August 2012

A Giltro Wart?

Although I would like to believe that my creativity is an individual gift, I have to admit that my mind has been greatly influenced by my father, Anthony Giltrow.  I did not inherit any of my mum's practical genes.  I don't know how to work the DVD player or fill up the antifreeze in my car or pack shopping bags properly, but I do know how to delve into the deepest, darkest depths of my imagination and create things that no-one in their right mind would want to enjoy!

Having painted what your nightmares look like on a good day for a handful of decades, my dad has only recently been brave enough to let the world see his work (however, I think the world needs to be brave in order to look at it!).  He had an exhibition in Halesworth a few years ago, and since then he has shown many pieces at Lowestoft Arts Centre (his page can be found here).

If anyone knows my dad personally, they will know that he still lives in the 1950s.  He talks in shillings and bobs and LP records and dance halls, so I was surprised when he told me he was going to set up a website. A website.  On a computer.  A thing that needs electricity in order to work.  It did take a while to get sorted, with a lot of "it's not working" and "it's not doing what it's supposed to", as though it was the website being stupid and not the man building the website.  A Giltrow Art is regularly updated with artwork and news.

One piece of news is that my dad, local artist, Anthony Giltrow has been, and will be, exhibiting and selling his work at The Sweet Retreat cafe in Kessingland, just outside of Lowestoft.

He shows an easily digestible selection of his work, so nothing nightmarish.  He doesn't want to put the public off their giant fry-up breakfasts!

If anyone is interested in buying or exhibiting any of his work, please contact him here.

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