Thursday 23 August 2012

Books what I am reading

I am currently reading two books at the moment; dot.homme by Jane Moore and Afterwards by Rosamund Lipton.  I am not intending on writing a book review blog; merely I just want to keep a record of tomes perused and perhaps record my response to them and reasons for reading them.

I chose dot.homme based on the recommendation of a friend.  After she had read my novel manuscript she suggested I read Moore's novel as it was similar to what I'd written (or indeed my book was similar to hers).  Even though I've written a chic lit romcom thing, it's not my normal type of read.  I don't really have a normal type of read, but chic lit romcoms don't play a prominent role in my library.  I'm not a book snob, but I do tend to judge books by their covers, and chic lit romcoms don't have the covers that my eye seems to be attracted to.  Anyway, that's all by the by.  I can't honestly say that I'm enjoying dot.homme but I'm going to finish it.  I don't often finish books, and I know I shouldn't really admit to that, but it's the truth.  And it would be quite interesting to see how it ends, and if I need to do anything to my book in order to make it publishable.

I didn't choose to read Afterwards and I can't say I would suggest it to anyone else.  It is the book of the month at Lowestoft Library reading group.  A lot of the books we read haven't been particularly good, and this one is definitely not particularly good.  I don't really know what's going on; I've only read about 60 pages, but from what I can gather a mother and daughter have been burnt nearly to death when the daughter's school was set on fire and are both in hospital.  The narrator is the mother who is having an out of body experience and explaining what she can see as she floats around the hospital.  Reading group books are normally the books that I don't finish, but I have been doing my best in recent months to at least get half way through them just so that I have something to discuss at group meetings.  I don't want to finish this one, but I guess I've got to give it a try.

In other news, I've not done any of my own writing today but I did think about doing some painting.

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