Saturday 8 September 2012


Every two months or so, The Seagull Theatre hosts an open mic night, New Words, Fresh Voices, for poets, story tellers and singers to perform their work.

(taken directly from The Seagull Theatre website)

I have performed my work at every one of these since February 2012 and have loved it.  Each time, Ian sets a loose theme based on the time of year or what's going on in the world/news.

The next performance is on Friday 5th October, so the theme is autumn and the post Olympic/jubilee feeling.

I know I said I would get my one page synopsis sorted, but I haven't done it.  Instead, I have been writing a poem to perform at the next event.  I dug my rhyming dictionary out and wrote about the Olympics.  Who woulda thunk it?!  It's taking a bit of time to edit with a set rhythm and rhyme (although there are a few half rhymes) but as I haven't written poetry in a while, I am enjoying getting into this process again.

I have a short story that I wrote a while ago, and I'm going to read that as it is reasonably autumny.  I just need to tweak it a little bit.

I know I have a month until the event, and it's rare for me to do things this early.  As a result of my procrastination, I tend to leave things until the last minute.  But not this time.

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