Sunday 23 September 2012

Reading Challenge Presentation #2

As mentioned in my previous post about the Library Summer Reading Challenge, there would be two presentations due to the high number of children who participated in the event.  Last week was surnames A-M, and today was the presentation for surnames N-Z plus anyone from A-M who couldn't attend last Sunday.

There were about 100 children children last week, but this week wasn't as popular.  Maybe it had something to do with the Lowestoft Carnival taking place today.  I don't know.  It doesn't matter.  There were still a lot of excited faces waiting for their medal and certificate.

I presented the winners of the story writing competition, and they all seemed thrilled with their prizes.  I just hope it encourages them to keep writing, as I see so much creativity being replaced by reality television, and that's not a future I want to grow old in.

So although it was quieter than last week, it was still a lovely morning, and again, it was so nice to see so many children who had completed the challenge.  Mums and Dads were taking pictures of their children as they received their awards, and were clapping and cheering, even when it wasn't their child at the front.

There was a positive atmosphere as children pointed to their book markers that had been moved along the six sections of the Reading Challenge wall over the six weeks of the summer holidays, and their achievement was recognised.  

I do feel quite sad that it's over for this year, but I can't wait to be involved with the challenge again next year, and hopefully we'll see more eager children, hungry to read.  And read.  And read.  Andreadandreadandread.

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