Sunday 30 December 2012

How well do you know your characters? - Lexa Wright

As you should all know by now, I enjoy a little bit of procrastination every now and then (all the time), and while browsing Twitter, I came across a tweet from @am_sch linking me to Headspit and a post entitled How Well Do You Know Your Characters?, so I thought I'd give it a go.  I may do this for all of my protagonists, but this post will be about Lexa, from Lexa Wright's Dating Sights.


1) If your character could go on a date with any celebrity, who would it be?
Probably someone like Ian Brown or Sam Duckworth

2) Chocolate or vanilla?
3) How fast can your character run a mile?
She doesn't run.  She walks, wanders, meanders, shuffles, skips (occasionally), crawls, saunters, strolls, traipses, but she never runs.

4) How many girls has this character kissed?


5) Give me a number: how much would it cost for your character to eat Hilary Clinton's recently trimmed toenails -- all ten of them?

She wouldn't do it, but no doubt her dog, Beryl would.  Beryl eats anything.

6) What's the coolest trip your character has ever gone on?

A few years ago she went to Japan.

7) You're out shopping: What three stores does this character visit, and what do they buy?

She'd spend most of her time wandering around Waterstones, and would buy books on how to write a novel and how to get published.  She'd then go to Schuh to buy a pair of Converse, before stopping off at Yo! Sushi to pick up some take-away.

8) Your character is trapped in a helicopter with Denzel Washington, Boy George, and Cyndi Lauper... What happens?

Firstly, she'd panic.  She doesn't like flying, and would wonder how she got into a helicopter as she would never do that of her own accord.  She'd then get a bit confused and think that Denzel was Samuel L. Jackson, and then she'd get all star struck with George and Cyndi, having been fans of their music since the 80s.

9) Favorite restaurant?

Yo! Sushi.

10) Favorite song?

'Hey Jude' by The Beatles.

11) Favorite band?

No Doubt.

12) What would your character's autobiography be called?

Lexa Wright Writes.

13) Would you character buy a Headspit t-shirt if the author of this website someday decided to make that a business venture? (hint, hint, cough, cough, cheapplugforpotentialfutureitem, cough, cough)

Quite possibly, if it meant she could procrastinate for a while, looking through the designs.

14) If your character could rename him/herself, what would that new name be?

She likes her name.  It's unusual.

15) Has your character ever farted in public?

She tends not to go out into the public world if she can help it, so she probably has never needed to fart when there.

16) Some people have this weird thing about eating bologna... is your character one of them?

She doesn't know what bologna is.

17) Does your character, or would your character, watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo?

She would definitely watch it, to see what they hype is about, and possibly to get research for her next book.  She's quite fond of crappy day time telly.

18) Favorite mixed drink?

Vodka and lemonade.

19) Favorite beer?

Anything as long as it's lager.

20) Favorite desert dish?

Ice cream.

21) Who is your character's favorite athlete?

She wouldn't know an athlete if one came up and punched her in the face!

22) Did your character, or would your character, ever eat glue?

She prefers actual food to man-made adhesive products.  However, Beryl would no doubt give it a go.

23) How often does your character use profanity?

Never.  She's a good girl.

24) How many countries has your character been to?

Not as many as she would like.  She's been to Japan and a few touristy European countries.  She'd like to expand her passport stamp collection.

25) What's the wildest place your character has ever made boom-boom?
(Boom-boom, in the above question, is the family-friendly word for sexual intercourse... shhh!)

She doesn't like to talk about things like that.  It's personal.

26) If your character owns a car, what do they drive?

A purple Fiesta.

27) Is your character on Twitter?

She's not yet, although she should be as she needs to build herself a platform for advertising the upcoming release of her novel.

28) Either way, what does your character think about Twitter?

She's not a user so she has no view on it, yet.

29) Who does your character love more than anyone else?

Her grandmother, Evelyn, and her dog, Beryl.

30) Would your character rather be rich or free?

Free.  She's already rich (ish) but she's not fussed about the money.

31) Beautiful or brilliant?


32) Athletic or influential?


33) Happily married or happily single?

Neither.  She's happily in a relationship.  For now.

34) How much money does your character make a year?

She doesn't work.  She lives off her grandmother's inheritance.

35) Did you character go to college?

She went to university and studied literature and creative writing.

36) What is your character's religion?

She doesn't really have one.

37) Does your character smoke?


38) Does your character do drugs?


39) Does your character think this sounds like an application for a dating site?

She's already filled in a dating site application and it was nothing like this one.

40) Who would your character vote for: Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?

She wouldn't vote for either.  She's English.

41) Can your character dance?

She does dance, but that doesn't mean she can dance!

42) What three adjectives best describe your character?

43) What three nicknames would be most fitting for your character?
The Procrastinator
The Procrastinatress
The Procrastinatron
44) Your character, Scruff McGruff, and Smokey the Bear walk into Bed, Bath, and Beyond... what happens next?
She doesn't know what any of those things are!

45) If you weren't writing about your character, what author would have come up with him/her?

Probably Helen Fielding or Jane Moore.

46) When is your character going to die?

When she's old, so not for another 70 years or so.

47) Who is the most influential person in your character's life?

Her best friend, Louise.

48) Has your character ever killed anyone?

She's wanted to, but she's never done it.

49) Does your character have children?

She doesn't.  She has a dog, which is a child substitute.  But I don't think she's a very maternal woman.

50) Your character is going to buy one of those Headspit T-Shirts, right?

Right, yeah, of course.

After having answered these questions about Lexa, I realised that she sound very similar to someone I know very well...

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