Saturday 1 December 2012

The Literati Win

Yesterday didn't start out particularly well for me.  During the night I tend to roll over on to the other side of the bed to lay on the cold pillow.  Well, I kind of throw myself, in a state of bleary-eyed sleepiness, and land on the soft, cold pillow, and I fall back into a comfortable slumber.  So during the night I did the same thing.  However, unbeknownst to me, this time I was already on the other side of the bed, so when I threw myself across, I actually smashed my head into the cabinet next to my bed.  It hurt.  A lot.  In the morning I looked at my face in the mirror to find a bit of a bruise, a bit of a dent, and a bit of a scab along my hairline.  Thankfully it wasn't huge, but it was painful.

That evening, I went along to Lowestoft Library for the Friends of the library Christmas Quiz.  My team, The Literati, consisted of myself (obviously), Di, Terry, Lily, and Jane; all members of Lowestoft Library Writing Group.  I'm a very competitive person, and I don't like to lose.  And as soon as the questions started, a sinking feeling hit me.  I didn't know any of the answers.  We all guessed at things, and half knew things, but we found it quite difficult.

At the end of the evening, Andree (the quiz co-ordinator) read out the scores, starting with the lowest.  We all sat there, glancing at each other, waiting for our team name to be called.  Our name wasn't called.  She read out other team names, and ours still wasn't called.  This kept going.  Eventually she read out our team name.  We'd won!  None of us could believe it, considering that we had guessed at pretty much every answer.  But we did it.  We won!!

Our prize was an absolutely lovely hamper of food and drink.  It was full to bursting point.  We shared out the chocolates and sauces and biscuits and wine and crisps between the five of us.  The quiz was really fun, and the unexpected win just added to the enjoyment of the whole evening.

Thank you very much to Andree, the library, and of course my team mates.  I'm looking forward to tucking into my truffles and chocolate coins.  Yum!

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