Monday 3 December 2012

Thames Valley Writers' Circle

Welcome to my interview with Dick Sawdon Smith, from Thames Valley Writers' Circle.


Hello Dick.  Can you tell us a bit about your writing group?
Thames Valley Writers’ Circle, meets at St Joseph’s Hall, Tilehurst, Reading every Tuesday. Formed 1993.
How many members, on average, does your group have?
Who re you and what is your role within the group?
Publicity committee member.
How are your sessions structured?
Usually members read their own work and others present comment.
What types of things do you cover in your group?
Any type of writing.
What have been some of your most popular/successful activities?
Anthologies, a pantomime, a soap opera.  The anthologies were twice winners of the David St John Thomas Charitable Trust Anthology award open to all writers’ groups in UK.
What genres do the members of your group write?  Is there a lot of diversity with regards to your members' writing?
There is complete diversity. 
Do members of the group get a chance to run/lead a session or part of a session?
Where do you get your ideas/writing prompts from?
We provide words, pictures etc. to stimulate entries for internal competitions.
What is the best piece of writing advice you've been given?
Write, write and write.
What is the best piece of writing advice you give?
Write, write and write. 
Do you have guest speakers at your group?
Yes, all sort of speakers and areas have been covered. Famous writers such as Colin Dexter (Morse) Robert Harris (Archangel, Fatherland etc), Mike Walker (Britain’s leading radio dramatist) and many more. 
Does your writing group have a website/blog/Twitter/Facebook?
How would someone go about joining your writing group?
Just turn up or contact me.
Thank you, Dick.

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