Thursday 10 April 2014

I is for ... Ian Brown

Today is 10th April, so here is my ninth post for the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.  This year I am sharing my musical tastes with you.  I hope I can introduce you to some new bands/artistes, and if you'd like to comment perhaps you could introduce me to some of your favourite bands/artistes beginning with the appropriate letter of the day.  For more music, please have a look at my profile.

Ian Brown

Ian Brown started out as the lead singer of the band, The Stone Roses.  I will admit that I wasn't a Stone Roses fan, and I'm still not.  I know, I know, but I promise that I'm not a completely bad person.  But there's just something about Ian's solo career that I love.  His voice is the same, but the music is so much better.  And even though he's now in his 50s, he still has that Mancunian brit-pop, indie boy swagger.


Honourable Mentions go to - 

Idlewild - I saw these guys supporting Bluetones at my very first gig.  I then saw them a few years later supporting R.E.M.  They've got too many good songs so listen to them all if you have the chance.  Wrap your ears around Roseability.

Imperial Leisure - I heard of these guys when I was driving home for work one night.  I always have the radio on in the car but don't always pay attention to what's playing.  But as soon as this song came on, I turned up the volume and danced all the way along the dual carriageway.  Wrap your ears around In A Letter.

Innerpartysystem - If you fancy dancing like a robot, dance to this.  Wrap your ears around Die Tonight, Live Forever.


What I bands/artistes do you like listening to?

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