Tuesday 15 April 2014

M is for ... Metronomy

Today is 15th April, so here is my thirteenth post for the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.  This year I am sharing my musical tastes with you.  I hope I can introduce you to some new bands/artistes, and if you'd like to comment perhaps you could introduce me to some of your favourite bands/artistes beginning with the appropriate letter of the day.  For more music, please have a look at my last.fm profile.


Metronomy was another support band, and they were so good that I can't even remember who they were supporting!  Metronomy stood out because there were three guys (the line-up has changed since then) on stage, two holding a guitar each and one holding a saxophone, standing behind synthesizers and microphones.  Plus, they all had a round light on their chests.  I don't know if you've ever seen those lights that you can stick on the wall in awkward places, like in the cupboard under the stairs, and when you want to turn the light on you just tap the front.  It saves having to worry about running electricity cables in those hard to reach places.  Anyway, these were the sorts of lights they had on their chests.  As the music played, they would tap their chests creating a pretty awesome light show.

I'd not seen anything like this band before.  I've seen them a few times with the original line-up, and once with the new line-up.  If I'm honest, they don't have the same impact as a four piece.  It's not that I don't like their more recent music, because I do.  They're just not the same live as they used to be a few years ago.


Honourable Mentions - 

Mew - They supported The Cooper Temple Clause when I saw them in 2004.  I was a bit surprised because they're not very musically similar.  Anyway, they were amazing.  Wrap your ears around Am I Wry? No.

Mouthwash - Mouthwash is my absolutely all time favourite band to see live.  There's just something about them.  Unfortunately they split up in 2011.  Wrap your ears around Ask and it is Given.

Madness - It's not possible to be a fan of ska without being a fan of Madness.  I guarantee that your little legs will be jiggling after listening to them.  Wrap your ears around House of Fun.


What M bands/artistes do you like listening to?

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