Thursday 24 April 2014

U is for ... Urthboy

Today is 24th April, so here is my twenty-first post for the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.  This year I am sharing my musical tastes with you.  I hope I can introduce you to some new bands/artistes, and if you'd like to comment perhaps you could introduce me to some of your favourite bands/artistes beginning with the appropriate letter of the day.  For more music, please have a look at my profile.


I came across Urthboy, otherwise known as Tim Levinson, via  This is a great website that takes note of music that you're already playing and makes suggestions with similar bands and artistes.  I'd been playing Hilltop Hoods for a while, after being introduced to them by my boyfriend at the time.  I didn't think I'd really like hip-hop, but then I thought all hip-hop was that 'guns, bitches, and bling' tripe that bled out from America.  I guess Australians have a different view of that musical genre.

There's something raw and grainy (a bit like Buck 65) that I really like about this guy.

Honourable Mentions go to -

UNKLE - These guys are a DJ outfit, who produce and remix music.  When making their own stuff, they have a lot of other artistes singing on their tracks, so they may have worked with people you already like.  Wrap your ears around Reign.

Underworld - If you were a teenager in the 90s you will have seen the film Trainspotting, and if you saw Trainspotting you will have listened to this band.  Wrap your ears around Born Slippy.


What U bands/artistes do you like listening to?

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