Wednesday 20 March 2013

Author Anagrams

While busy procrastinating working hard, being productive, I came across this picture:
And it got me thinking about my own name, and the possible anagrams hidden among all those letters.

I did a little search for anagram solvers, and found the Internet Anagram Sever.  I typed my name into the search box and anticipated the list of words/anagrams that would ensue.

These are some of my favourites -
  • Cab Lice Regrowth
  • Acerbic Leg Throw (possibly an event in the leprosy/gangrene olympics)
  • Beach Clog Writer (who knew I'd have the word 'writer' in my name?!)
  • Bleach Rector Wig (so glad it's not Bleach Rectum Wig!)
  • The Brace Cowgirl (I could have used that name during my orthodontist treatment)
  • Crowbar Ethic Leg (anything with 'leg' in it makes me giggle - don't ask me why)
  • Crab Ocre Wiglet (*giggle* Wiglet!)
  • Bagel Crotch Wire 
  • Brag Cliche Tower
  • Bare Tech Cowgirl
  • Grab Electric Who
  • Grab Electric How
  • Bah Erect Cowgirl (I was not expecting this many 'Cowgirls'!)
  • Hectic Brawl Goer
  • Brat Logic Chewer
  • Ace Growler Bitch (well...)
  • Crow Glib Teacher
  • Retrace Glib Chow (I knew I shouldn't have eaten that leftover Chinese food!)
  • Garlic Hebrew Cot
  • Tragic Breech Owl
Right, now back to procrastinating work.


  1. Rebeccah,

    Going to try that resource right now. Such funny returns. I especially like AGB. I can identify. Catch you again soon. Love reading your blog and looking at the writing tips. Thanks again for your support.

    1. There are some, erm, interesting results on that anagram page. I might try my full name (with middle names) to see if anything nicer comes up!