Monday 11 March 2013

LLTW - March

The Lowestoft Library Teen Writing group met today, even though the snow has been falling pretty thick and fast.  But we all managed to make our way into the library to do some writing.  Our main topic of conversation was a video about a man carrying a sloth across the road, to the sound of 'I Believe I Can Fly' by R Kelly.  In between lulz and giggles, we did get some writing done.


Homework from last time was to write a story; you wake up in a white room, on a white bed, wearing white.  What happens next ...?  *dun dun duuuuuun*

It's all a bit hazy to start with.  I remember waking up to a loud noise, it was something like a high pitched bell ringing.  When I woke up, I couldn't see anything.  My eyes couldn't adjust to anything.  The ringing kept going and going.  I managed to pull myself up and sit on the edge of the bed.  My head felt heavy and empty.  I couldn't remember how I got there or where I was before.  I shouted for the noise to stop but I couldn't hear my voice.  I stood up and leaned up against the wall next to the bed.  The noise stopped.  I slid down the wall and sat on the ground.  The noise started again.  I quickly stood up and the noise stopped again.  I had to keep telling myself to stay standing even though I wanted to fall back on the bed and sleep some more.  "Hello?" I shouted.  Silence.  "Is there anyone there?" I called out.  Silence.  I rubbed my eyes and looked around the room.  There were no windows and no doors, or so I thought.  There was a bed in the middle of the room, covered in white sheets with a white pillow.  My eyes hurt.  The room was so white, it was almost blinding.  I strained my eyes and looked hard.  Apart from the bed and myself, there was nothing else in the room.  "Hello?" I shouted again.  Silence.  I looked down at myself.  I was wearing a white top and a white pair of trousers.  I wasn't wearing anything on my feet.  I knelt down and looked under the bed.  The noise started again.  There was nothing under the bed apart from soft, white carpet.  I stood up and the noise stopped.  I walked around the bed.  I stood on the bed and turned around.  There was no way of getting in or out of the room.  I stood at the foot end of the bed and walked backwards.  I leaned against the wall and pounded my fists against the solid mass behind my body.  I heard a click and I stumbled backwards into a long corridor.  The bedroom door closed.  I stood, scared, in the middle of the passageway, looking left and right and left and right.  I couldn't hear anything, other than my breathing.  I wanted to scream but I couldn't.  I chose a direction and ran.  I kept running.  The corridor kept going.  There were no doors or windows or corners.  I stopped when I was out of breath and pounded my fists against the wall.  A door opened in front of me.  I walked towards the room and saw a group of people sitting on the floor in a circle. Everyone was wearing white clothes apart from one woman who was wearing red.  She looked up at me and smiled.  "Hello, come in, we've been waiting for you," she said.


Today in the session we talked about super-hero and supernatural powers/abilities, and then we wrote about them.

Day 14 of being invisible.  I think I'm getting used to it.  It's still a shock every time I walk past a mirror and I'm not there.  It's not that I'm vain, but I would like to see myself.  I've forgotten what I look like.  I still get dressed every morning, even though I'm not sure I need to.  But I still do, just in case I happen to become visible when I'm out.  I haven't told anyone yet, about being invisible.  I'm not really sure how people would react.  At least I can still talk to people.  I'd hate to be inaudible as well as invisible.  Mum's still been phoning me up every day, as usual, just to check I'm alright, as mums do, and although I've not lied to her, I've not been entirely honest with her.  Maybe I'll go round and see her tomorrow.  Not that she'll be able to see me.  I need to talk to someone about it all.  It's kind of getting me down.  I'm bored.  I don't know why I'm invisible or where it came from, and even though I'm getting used to it, I would like to go back to normal now.  Unless ... No, I couldn't.  Or could I?  No, that's just childish.  But it would be fun.  Hmm, ok, so tomorrow, maybe I'll use my powers for playing tricks.  If I'm invisible for too long I'll use it for good.  But tomorrow, to ease my boredom I'll have some fun.  I'll ... I'll ... I'll ... I don't know, go into shops and move things around, or get on the tube and tap random people on the shoulders, or, heh, go to the gym and peep in the men's changing room.  That will be fun.  I don't think I want to go back to normal.  Not just yet.


The homework for the next meeting is to put your music player on shuffle and note down the titles of the first ten songs that are played, and incorporate those titles into a story.

Our next meeting will be Monday 8th April, 5pm-6pm, in the library cafe.

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