Wednesday 10 April 2013

LLWG April

Last night was the April meeting of Lowesotft Library Writers' Group.  Our homework from last session was to write about a place we know using all five of our senses.  I chose a place along Kessingland beach, where man's world meets nature's world.  In front is the beach and behind is the village.

I spy with my little eye –
Lowestoft skyline with grain silo,
Gulliver, and St. Peters Court saluting the clouds
An unnecessary railing to stop feet from falling
(‘tho none have fallen before)
Abandoned boats
Hats, scarves, and coats
East coast ships dotted along the horizon
Shivering marram grass
Smashed glass
Faded signs
Litter fluttering along the sand

I hear with my little ear –
Waves washing away the shoreline
Haunting warblings of troubled birds
Shingle crunching beneath walkers’ boots
Dogs barking greetings
A helicopter hovering above my head
The rev of a reversing bus engine
The Kessingland flag flickering against its pole

I taste with my little tongue –
The sting of salt on my lips

I smell with my little nose –
Coffee from the café behind me
Chips from an al fresco pub lunch
The stench from the sewer-works
Fumes from holiday makers’ cars

I feel with my little skin –
The sun’s hot hand slapping my cheek
The wind’s fast fingers tousling my hair
The warmth inside my thermal socks
A tingling in my fingers as they start to numb
The tug of the lead by an eager puppy wanting to get home


For our session task, we each had to write an opening chapter to a book entitled 'April'.  I wrote about a young girl sitting in the car with her family, on their way to visit family for the Easter weekend.  She doesn't want too go but she doesn't have a choice.

When we'd written our chapters, we mixed them up, and took back a different chapter.  Our homework is to write the second chapter.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday 14th May, at 7pm in Lowestoft Library.


  1. I love what you've written!

    Your group sounds a very productive lucky are you...

    1. Thank you :) Some days we get a bit chatty and don't get much done, but it is a very supportive group so I'm glad I go :)