Sunday 21 April 2013

Rebeccah Writes Badly - part 2

So, my parents are still clearing the loft, and they are still finding more and more of my school work.  I have no idea why we didn't throw it away, but I'm glad we didn't.  There are some little gems in there.  Today, I found a delightful story written by me when I was at school.  Here it is, word for word.

The Scarecrow
Hellow, listen I'm a scarecrow.  The farmer made me a couple of days ago.  I think his going to put me out now.  It's nice and sunny, oh I forgot I've got a large stick up my back.  Iit itches a lot and I cant move to scratch it.  Oh no i'ts started to rain and it's running down my leg.  Oh no I'm getting a cold, I'm going to sneeze.  Atchoooooooooo.  It's sunny again, the birds have come to land on me and they're nibbling at my clothes.  I've got two holes in my tie.  The Harvester is coming and I've fallen over.  It's November and I'm being taken to a bonfire.  I must be guy fawks.  I'm dead.

I also wrote a book review of Matilda by Roald Dahl.

I Liked the Book a lot because it was very interesting.  The main characters are Matilda and Miss Honey.  Matilda is a 5 year old girl who has a very big brain.  She has read all the childrens books in the library and has started to read charls dickens + Ernest Hemingway.
Miss Honey is matildas teacher.  She loves children and lives in a house that is very small and she is very poor.
Matilda is hated by her Mother and father.  They allways eat their dinners in front of the T.V.  Matilda is alone by herslef in the afternoons, her brother's at school, her mum's at bingo and her dads at work.  Every day matilda goes to the library and reads her books.  After she started shcoll she found out that she had magic powers.  Miss Trunchbull the Headmistress came to teach Miss Honey's class ever wednesday and that is when matilda uses her magic powers.
I would recommend it to anyone who likes Reading books.

And of course, I have some artistic representations of my parents!

Oh the skills!

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  1. MAD skills! Mad, I say!

    This is just delightful (tempered with a bit of sadness, because even at this tender age, your skills far surpassed those of my current 14-year-old tutoring student.)

    I don't know if it's just misty-eyed nostalgia or what, but I always like seeing kids' stories and book reviews, because it's so cool to see what parts of a story someone finds important before you start beating them over the head to "pick out the major themes" and "write a thesis statement" and all that. This looks so much like reading and writing (and drawing!) just for the fun of it, and it's so easy to forget how to do that.