Friday 17 May 2013

A Week Full Of Writing

Here we are, on Friday yet again.  And it is on a day like today where we look back over the past week and Celebrate the Small Things that have occurred over the past seven days.

I'm extremely tired today, so I'm afraid my celebrations will be bullet points, without my normal pictorial offerings.  I hope I'm back to my normal, perky self next week.

  • I wrote 2,000 words on my current novel.  It may not seem like much, but I haven't done any writing in a long time, and I managed to write that in 2 hours on a Sunday afternoon.
  • I'm loving my new job.  There's still so much to learn, but I'm picking it up fairly quickly, and if I don't know how to do something, there are always people around to offer a hand.  Sometimes it doesn't even feel like work - today I helped out at a 'family play' session where we sang songs and played with drums and tambourines!
  • On Saturday, the committee for the Friends of Lowestoft Library met.  We were talking about fundraising ideas and I suggested a literary festival, which everyone thought was a good idea.  So I will be organising that, with the help of the Friends and library staff members.  It's an exciting prospect.
  • I had my writing group (which I attend) and my teen writing group (which I run) this week.  They both force me to get on with writing something, even when I'm not in the mood.
  • My parents have been great, taking care of Lily (my dog) while I've been at work.
  • I've received a couple of Postcrossing postcards this week.  It's always great to get mail, especially beautiful postcards from the other side of the world!
What are you celebrating this week?


  1. 2,000 is better than nothing... I too wrote about the same, just a few words over ;)

    I'm glad you are enjoying work, have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you :) Yes, you're right, it is better than nothing. I'm just getting used to being back at work after so long, that I need to organise my time so I can get into a writing routine. I need to finish my book!!

  2. 2000 words is great! And glad your new job is going okay! It is exhausting starting a new job.

    1. Thank you :D It is indeed exhausting. I just need to get myself into a routine. But for now I'm just having lovely, long lie-ins on my days off :D

  3. Wow 2000 words and a new job! That's something to celebrate. Thanks for visiting my home. Glad to have found yours.

  4. Wow 2000 words and a new job! That's something to celebrate. Thanks for visiting my home. Glad to have found yours.

  5. Ooo a literary festival fundraiser! That sounds fantastic! I hope it goes well for you and that you blog all about it so I can attend vicariously!

    Stopping by from the hop (and still have to try out those poetry prompts you posted during A-Z)