Friday 31 May 2013

I Remember

So here we are, at the end of the month and at the end of the Blog Every Day In May challenge.  What a month it's been!

Day 31, Friday: A vivid memory

Some of you will already know how much I like thinking about memories (take a look back at my I, J, and Q entries for the A-Z Challenge).

But, I never seem to remember whole days or whole events.  My mind keeps hold of snippets of little things.  It's as though my head is one giant photo album - you know, like from back in the olden days when we used to take pictures with a camera that contained film, then took the film to be developed, and after a few days we had paper copies to remind us of our special occasions.

Anyway, enough of me showing my age.  Because of my inability to relate whole stories of times past, I'm going to share with you some vivid memory snippets.
  1. I remember when I was about 4 years old and I was sitting behind the counter in my parents' corner shop during the day.  A grumpy old woman asked me why I wasn't at school.  I explained to her that I was too young to go to school.  She then told me that I must be old enough to go to school because I was so tall.
  2. I remember going to play group at the community centre.  We had loads of toys to play with but my favourites were a little red tricycle and the trampoline.  One day I wanted to play with both of them so I held the handlebars of the trike in one hand while bouncing around on the trampoline.
  3. I remember going to see Jurassic Park at the cinema.  I fell asleep.
  4. I remember going to see King Lear at The Barbican.  I fell asleep.
  5. I remember the day I passed my driving test.  I had to do an emergency stop, turn in the road, and reverse park.  I'd gone to Cambridge to see Placebo with my mum two days before.
  6. I remember when my hairdresser cut and dyed my hair for a hairdressing competition.  My school boyfriend dumped me because he didn't like it.
  7. I remember the day I got my lip pierced.  The woman numbed my lip with a banana flavour liquid, but it numbed my gums, tongue, and the rest of the inside of my mouth.  It was totally worth it though.
  8. I remember the day I went to London with my dad to the Doc Marten's shop in Covent Garden.  I bought a flowery pair of boots.  We then went to The Trocadero so that I could see the filming at the Nickleodeon studio, but I was too scared to go up and have a look.
  9. I remember climbing up on a chair, opening the fridge door, and dropping all the eggs onto the kitchen floor.
  10. I remember my first alcoholic drink.  It was an alchopop called Metz.  It made me sick.


  1. You fell *asleep* during Jurassic Park?! And pooh on that dumb boyfriend for dropping you because of your creative haircut. I bet he's lost all his hair by now! lol

    1. Ha! Pooh on him indeed. I have seen Jurassic Park since then, and I quite enjoyed it. I don't know what happened first time around!

  2. I've fallen asleep at a couple movies as well. And I know all well the aches of opening up the fridge and watching the perishables crash to the floor! Great to learn a little more about you :)

  3. My first alcoholic drink was a shot called Sex on the Beach. It was tasty.

    1. Ooh I've heard of that drink, but I've never had it. But I do like cocktails. I don't look at the ingredients; I look at the colour!!

  4. Hi, I nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Thanks for your support and good wishes.